It’s Ground Breaking Day!

The day has finally arrived! We have officially broken ground. Andy is taking the next 2 weeks off to clear the site and excavate. My dad is there helping out also. The trees they took down today were beautiful old oaks and an old sycamore tree. It is so sad to see them go, but we’ve arranged our house on the site so that we’re saving as many trees as we can. This beautiful place that we’ve called our playground for the past 5 months is now pretty much off limits for the kids. At the end of Andy’s 2 weeks, there’s going to be a 20′ deep hole that is about 50′x30′. I am hoping to check in on the progress as often as possible. We stopped by today to deliver an important Zyrtec pill (the pollen has been killer lately) and the kids got to get in on a little of the action.

groundbreakinggroundbreaking 3 groundbreaking 2 groundbreaking 1

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